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Infidelity Investigation

It’s a position no one ever wants to be in: you suspect that your partner or a family member is having an affair. You hope with everything that your suspicions are wrong, but you need to get closure in order to move forward, or present as evidence for divorce proceedings or child custody.

How Our Private Infidelity Investigators Can Help You:


Our professional and licensed private investigators are experts in conducting surveillance anywhere in the world. Our team can be posted on any shift with advance notice.

Background Check

Our agency offers comprehensive and robust background investigations on a subject. Background checks can include criminal history, asset search, property ownership, employment history, and more.

Signs of cheating

While this is not comprehensive, or necessarily end-all-be-all indicators of cheating, the typical signs include:

  • Changes in behavior-including more attention or less attention in the relationship. (usually more attention initially as they feel guilt for the affair, less as the affair continues)
  • Change in routine-going out more, working longer hours, paying more attention to appearance and personal hygiene
  • Instigating arguments-may talk about ending the relationship during the fight
  • Mood swings
  • Decrease in intimacy and affection
  • Interests change-For example, your partner suddenly loves a different genre of music
  • Lack of attention or interest at home with you and your children
  • Possessive and secretive about their phone-this includes adding a password to their phone when they never had one before.

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Do I need to prove infidelity to file for divorce?

Most states are no-fault divorce states, including New York, so proving infidelity will not impact a divorce case. However, in rare situations, asset distribution may be affected if assets were used to pay for the extramarital affair.

How can infidelity impact a child custody case?

This can depend on each situation and case, but infidelity in itself is not a major factor in a child custody case. However, if the person committing infidelity is acting inappropriate in front of the child, or placing them in danger or neglect, (eg. spouse goes out to bars at night to hookup, leaving the child alone at home, or the new partner poses a risk to the child’s safety and well being.) these are grounds that can affect child custody.

How much does an infidelity investigation cost?

The cost to hire a private investigator to investigate a cheating spouse or partner depends on the services you require. (Eg. a basic background check vs. several days of surveillance) Basic background checks can run between $250.00-$500.00, however, surveillance can require a retainer of at least $1,000.00 or more. This all depends on the distance our investigators need to travel, as well as the amount of hours or days you need to conduct surveillance. We provide a free estimate to help you in your decision of what services you need and how they can fit your budget.

Do I need to hire an investigator to investigate whether my spouse/partner is cheating?

This is a two-fold question: You suspect your partner or spouse is cheating. The truth is that the majority of people who suspect there is infidelity are usually right. According to statistics, women are especially attune, with 85% of women who suspected their partner was cheating were correct, while 50% of men correctly suspected their partner of infidelity.

This may come as a surprise, given the stereotype of the industry, but we only take on a limited number of infidelity cases, based on very specific parameters. (Such as, but not limited to: The well-being of a child is at risk when the suspected infidelity is occurring or evidence is needed for asset distribution in a divorce case.) The reason we limit these cases is because as part of our “no bull” mission in maintaining transparency, we are not going to take money on cases that come in where those who suspect infidelity don’t really need a private investigator. Why? Because you already have the answers. That little voice, that gut feeling, whatever you want to call your conscience, is usually right. Now is there a chance it can be wrong? Absolutely, but statistically, it’s unlikely. Your best bet, if you haven’t done so already, is to come right out and ask your partner if they are cheating.

So now you might be wondering: If there’s a chance you won’t take my case:

Can I perform my own investigation?

While you can, and we do provide tips and advice on our blog to help you, we strongly condemn any form of investigation that involves criminality or places anyone in danger. We highly recommend you hire a licensed private investigator, especially if: you are unsure of the risks involved or feel you would be in danger, there is a child involved, or you are in a divorce case. Regardless, we offer a free confidential estimate with our professional and compassionate private investigators who can help you determine whether you need our investigators to conduct an infidelity investigation.

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